I have enjoyed photography as a creative outlet for many years, from when film was the only way. Now shooting in digital format, a whole new world of creativity is opened up. While I most often like to compose the photo in the camera and have a pure clean image, I am also a fan of using digital manipulation or text overlays to create a variety of effects which then takes the photo into "Digital Art".

   From the traditional roots of printing photos at night in the bathroom/darkroom, to the modern world where the computer and printers have taken over that role, it is still the pleasure of creating a visual window to share for other peoples imaginations which brings me joy.

   The natural world has always been a focal point of my photography and life. The simplicity, beauty and profound messages derived from nature point the way to our true nature, as beings of light...

About Tim

Tim Middleton Photography

I am grateful for your donation to support my art and lifestyle which i love to share with you all... 

Thank you very much..!

Capturing the light and Sharing the art