From my super flexible days...

Long time walker, backpacker, professional trail crew member and leader of many outdoor walking adventure excursions...

walk With me and my amazing fitness partner ki leading the way, you are free to let your feet follow and your mind wander, while your spirit expands with freedom...

Please contact me and join us on either a Short and sweet fitness jaunt or a longer walk with a night or two immersed in the mystery...

T. Ki Fitness


All of these are variations of established exercises, stretches and motions to promote a happy approach to fitness, with or without your furry friend..!

Wellness and balance in mind, body and soul is something that I create and maintain for myself and will enjoy to share with you what I know while holding pure intentions for your health and well being. 

Namaste, Tim

I speak from my heart and from many years of experience in a variety of situations. My career in body work began with massage school and a desire to learn ways to help others as well as my own health. This led me to forming my business Tim's Health & Wellness in San Diego, as a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner.

Graduated in 2001 from CSATM (Colorado Springs Academy of Therapeutic Massage) an 1100 hour program which certified me in Sports, Swedish, Deep Tissue and Neuro-Muscular-Therapy (NMT, also called Trigger Point Therapy). 

Level 1 Reiki Attunement 

Certified in 'Myoskeletal Alignment' from the

Freedom of Pain Institute

Certified Personal Trainer by NASM

(National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Post injury and surgery fitness rehabilitation,and 

posture restoration

Nutritional recommendations

Stress release and management advice

Relaxation and meditation guidance

Self-care massage and Theracane instruction

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​Join us FREE on a scheduled walk..! Nice, good dog partners welcome for walking, or with mountain bike for a Roll & Run..!

Shorter jaunts, or longer treks, we do it all for fun exercise to your whole body.

One or two person custom journeys by appointment, with prior consultation and donation. Provide your own gear and food, be appropriately healthy for the walking, 
and only YOU are responsible for yourself...

I desire to share what I’ve learned along my path of fitness, healing, rejuvination and cosmic consciousness.
My intentions are for your highest goodness, to assist you on your personal journey...

Please feel free to call me with questions,and to schedule a walking journey to suit your mind, body, spirit ascension...

Expansive, but not expen$ive..!    

Peace, Tim

Tim Middleton Photography