​​The first, of many more yet to arrive, for my new video series I call, "Busking in Nature".

My immersion in nature has brought forth these songs and they are most always played by me without a human audience to hear.

The trees, streams, mountains, deserts or wherever I happen to be the only person, is where I feel most free to sing, for no one and all ones....
Please listen with open mind, heart and ears...

I bear my soul and skin for you to hear and see, as I am no one else but me...! 

  My 3 Albums

 "Busking in nature" 

Self recorded song performances with no one else around,,,


These song compositions began in 2010, as a novice guitarist and singer. These collections are my response to the inflow of inspiration I receive from my connection to the natural and spiritual world. The simplicity and raw nature of these songs is because there is just a traveling man, an acoustic guitar and a heart opened up to the amazing existence we call life...

My guitar playing is rudimentary, yet pleasing, my singing voice is untrained, but from my heart and the recordings were done on a simple portable device, which allowed me the opportunities to record outside, by the river, or in my van. I wrote, and composed all songs, played on an acoustic guitar, though a couple tracks have some bass and "Galaxy" has lead guitar by my friend Rob H. Another friend, Hector C. wrote me a letter, of which I distilled the words to write "Shamanic Trance Mix".

Many tracks were recorded in one take with some ambient sounds of river or wind, some have multi-track overlays, a few have digital effects, and most have some missed notes.

Please listen with an open mind and no expectations for a "professional" high quality recording, but rather one of pure and simple inspiration of Creativi T...!!

Thank you for listening and supporting my artful expressions..!! 

​I'm a singer - songwriter also...! Please click each album tile to hear my music    

Tim Middleton Photography